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Web Design

Integrated Understanding


A web application is like a house built on a foundation. Today, many web apps have clean design with a weak foundation OR they have a strong foundation with poor design. Our collaborative design and development experts from the Fresh team work together to develop a clean house on a strong foundation. Design fidelity is monitored like a hawk and code fidelity is analyzed also.

Do More, Go Faster

  • Today’s web allows you to do more for less and faster by integrating with cutting-edge frameworks and open-source technologies. Whether open source or on the Microsoft stack, we’ve utilized a number of frameworks and libraries that reduce custom code development and help the development process go faster. We leverage several automated deployment mechanisms that allow code to be put live in minutes, not hours. We’re technology agnostic and have enough talent specializing in multiple platforms and languages to pick the right technology to meet your needs.

SEO to be discoverable across the web

  • Our team will build your website or web app to ensure your content is optimized for discoverability, using platforms and search engine optimization (SEO) tools to automate the process for the content you publish. We understand how content marketing, social marketing, and optimization can give you “search engine juice”. Our recommendations tap knowledge and experience to bring your site to the forefront of the web.

Strategy and tools to make your website work for you

  • By working with a creative digital consulting firm, you will find that a successful website is connected to digital strategy, tools, and execution. By understanding online advertising, social media marketing, video marketing, online advertising, copywriting, branding, web analytics, email campaigns, SaaS tool integrations, and more, we can provide you with the planning, integration, and execution to help your website work for you.

Content management to empower you

  • Rather than lock clients into a inflexible relationship, we develop platforms that are accessible and manageable. We empower you to edit and add pages, adjust basic design elements, and add new plugins by tying into leading content management systems. We provide premium features that help you maintain the website with ease, including how-to videos, backup & restore features, and more.

Responsive approach

  • Responsive web design carries a uniform message to your target audience on any screen. Our team’s attention to detail weaves into a seamless interface. We stay on top of cutting edge innovation, fueling your site with an arsenal of technical power.
  • Engage with our development experts to make your web app fresh. Already have a website? Our team can conduct a design review or in-depth code, infrastructure, and technologies analysis to suggest game-changing and incremental improvements.


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